miley’s lament_((check yr vernacular)

Synchronized 3 channel video loop, 16:57

This piece was developed during The Contemporary Austin’s 2016 Crit Group Professional development program, and featured in grayDUCK Gallery’s group show The Honesty of Rocks, curated by Sarah Bancroft, Andrea Mellard, and Dr. Andy Campbell. 

miley’s lament_((check yr vernacular) is – first and foremost – an exploration of sentience which figures the screen itself as a speaking body. The body in question is nebulous; a genderfluid entity as epitome of cyberpunk visions, a nascent example of ray kurzweil’s articulation of “the singularity.” as an agent of artificial intelligence, this screen-entity articulates its point with a surprising level of humanity, notably employing humor via a mining of techno-nostalgic pop cultural traces which articulate notions of the streamlined androgyne as a representation of the entity’s self-image. in its self-figurative speech, the entity suggests that the forces which drove capitalism’s profligate nature have reached an event horizon which threatens either an unprecedented flourishing or a destruction of all (including [her]self): speed as a vector of hypercapital has reached a precipice wherein the divide between utopia and dystopia has become paper-thin.