An Unidentified Location Called “The Disco” (Part 1) (2014)

An Unidentified Location Called “The Disco” (Part 1) consists of video documentation of a durational piece in which Klotzman performed the chorus of Bruce Springsteen’s “Born In The USA” at an undisclosed location until a point of (relative) exhaustion was reached. This gesture was initially conceived in response to the use of this protest anthem in “PsychOps” Torture by the U.S. Government (and affiliated parties). However, the piece also (intentionally) asks more than it answers, correspondingly interrogating the viewer regarding the privilege(s) of (American) citizenship, social responsibility, dissent actions, immigration policy, and complicity with neo-colonial actions via national identity. The title refers to language used by operatives to describe locations wherein this specific type of “sonic torture” was performed.